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The main creative force behind Resurrection Films LLC, Carly Street and Jason D. Morris, have enlisted creative minds from across the globe.  

Carly Street


Born in Cheshire, she completed her first feature screenplay at age 14. A short script she wrote at 12 won The Cheshire Youth Film Project in 2005, being produced over the summer as part of a youth work shop. In 2011, Carly's short script, Fragile Storm won the first Palm Street Films LLC script contest. The script garnered such interest that it secured legendary, iconic Hollywood actor Lance Henriksen and Mackenzie Mason in the lead roles. This powerful short has been an official selection at over 20 Festivals and has won 14 awards, including best screenplay.

Troy L.Foreman


Troy L. Foreman - is the founder and Editor in Chief of the Pop Culture Principle. His prior experience has been freelancing for several television sites doing editorials and interviews. He's also been involved with the production of several independent films as an actor and producer. Most notably, the multi award winning documentary Millennium After The Millennium, proving to be instrumental in bringing the project participants together, following on from the Back To Frank Black Campaign.

Jason D. Morris


Jason D. Morris is a producer, director and editor the bay area of California known for the feature films Story of Eva (2015), Betrayal (2013) Hell House (2008), Collapse (2016) Dark Winter (2018) and the multi award winning documentary Millennium After The Millennium. Claiming over twenty years experience in the industry, he has successfully ran a distribution company, helping other filmmakers to gain a platform, as well as working as a sought after editor for JoBlo Horror Network, among others.

Creating Universes

The Ashton Falls Universe

A place of strange happenings. A town hidden away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s population consisting of otherworldly creatures and monsters, or as looked upon from the outside world. To the residents of Ashton Falls they see themselves just as everyone else, as monsters.

Ashton Falls is a geographical location where several of our stories take place. In the same vein as Stephen King’s world building of Derry or Castle Rock, Ashton Falls incompases an evergrowing arch of characters and stories all interconnected in one or another but still revolving around standalone stories. We found intriguing possibilities creating a universe containing stories as diverse as the characters themselves and still form a cohesive macrocosm of stories.

Below you can explore several of the first entries into this mysterious hidden town of Ashton Falls.

Dark Winter

There is a darkness coming over Aston Falls. consuming everyone and everything in its wake. Desperate to escape the town, Vanessa and her daughter Abigail must reach a secluded cabin in the woods before her Ex-Husband finds them or the solstice descends upon the valley which could trap them for the next thirty years.

Connected Stories

The Ashton Falls Universe is comprised of a set of stories crossing several mediums, film, games, books and more. All of the stories take place in Ashton Falls and each will have familiar connections to each-other.

The first film in the series Collapse and its counter part Collapse: The Board Game are on sale now.

Next in the series is Dark Winter and will be followed up with several other films and games in the works.

A Selection Of Our Awards

Over the years our team as accumulated many awards.