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Hybrid Theatre

  The Dark Side Of Acting Up  A collection of one act plays ideal for community theatre with minimal staging requirements and a broad range of characters. This anthology also includes a number of hybrid theatre plays designed to be explored with minimal cast, props and cost, offering production opportunities to ambitious indie productions looking to explore genres and hybrid theatre. These plays could also be a resource of scenes for acting class or audition material for performers. A range of dark stories, dramatic stories and comedic stories exploring love, hate, mistakes, obsession, relationships, LGBT across genres ; comedy, drama, romance, science fiction and horror. Characters range from teenage to the elderly. All plays have been designed to adapt to various locations and budget levels. All hybrid elements are open to interpretation.The selected plays included in the collection are: Right & Wrong, Inventors Instinct, Undying Love, Emma, Choices, The Dance, Behind Bars, Desire, The Tree, Just Desserts, Mind Eye, Cowboys & Angels, The Burning Sky, Happiness. For any licensing and performance queries contact Resurrection Films LLC. About Resurrection Films LLC; Formed in early 2018, Resurrection Films LLC has gone from strength to strength since then. We are a collaboration of like minded film makers in partnership to produce the highest quality films no matter the budget. Exploring interesting narratives across genres. The award winning team, in less than twelve months since it’s inception, have created a number of transmedia projects, blurring the lines between, film, sound, art and theatre. This anthology found it’s life during a brain storm of unused short screenplays and unrealized ideas. The prospect of adapting ideas and stories across platforms allowed the exploration of hybrid theatre to seep into our manifest. Essentially providing a platform to bridge stories from the intended medium of screen to the raw story of theatre.



Original ArtWork by Ian Stopforth


“Topographically, the short plays of this collection do explore the territory of negative emotions commonly known as “The Dark Side”. In each of these plays dark emotions press for action. And many strange, quirky, unexpected and shocking things do happen. Do get acted out. And so, voila, we have “The Dark Side Of Acting Out”. Now when I say dark and negative do not think one note! It is amazing how much wonder and humanness and romance and sensuality and humor exists in the territory of “The Dark Side”: To be a little more specific:

Each little play is a window into a world. They are short and sweet but they give you the feeling that you have just somehow fallen in to a rich and complete world. The dialogue is concise, hard edged, and rapid fire overall with time outs for lyricism and warmth and compassion and the poetic. Each play is prefaced with a black and white image. The Guardian Avatar of the play. And within each play exists a poetic flow of the imagery which is tended to by beautifully scripted dramatic construction and stage direction. Imagery is just as important as dialogue in these plays. A major achievement of this collection is that the writers are so adept they are able to deeply sketch in character right from the get go with the kind of great lines that just let you know in a sentence how someone ticks. In short, in this adept collection you will find cutting edge theater dealing with cutting edge issues.”

“I purchased the paperback version. The first thing you notice is the fantastic art work. The titles of the plays seem generic enough but heading them with such great art and then digging into the stories it comes together well. These are not the average plays, these are more on the lines of Twilight Zone esq. stories and the images that precede each story gives you a gimps at what you are up for. An easy read and plays of varying lengths make this a nice casual read or a marathon read. The book looks nice in a matte finish with the dark art work, a conversation piece if left out on the table.”

“I think it says a lot about a writer’s talent when they’re able to make words into images. I can see all of these vignettes so vividly. I love that the sets are minimal and the idea of video projection coupled with live theatre is hugely underrated. This is a perfect night of storytelling for all adult audiences. All emotions get toyed with, and each story leaves just enough room for speculation and conversation after. This would do well in either a community theatre or a professional theatre setting, and I quite honestly can’t wait to produce it.”

“I have to admit not your average read these short stories will provoke and poke you quite literally to see different sides to stories. Considering that the length of them they manage to grip you enough to want to read each one till the end. Well done to the authors and a very promising start to their amazing careers.”

“As a layman, non-theater type, I really didnt know what to expect with this. Keeping an open mind, I allowed the intro’s to set the stage, and the writers to tell their stories. Such a cool experience!! I could see each story play out in my mind. Just enough suspense and intrigue to keep you entangled, each story leaves you with a snapshot that says so much, and gives your mind the space to fill in the blanks. This was awesome!!”

“This was a gripping read Carly Jason and mark wrote brilliant short scripts if this is a taster of more to come then “yes please ” I am in … gripping inventive and addictive”

“Well written and creative.”

“Great character designs and set ups!!! This is an incredible tool to use for creatives wanting to get out there with good source material.”