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The Dark Road

Fighting for a past he’s slowly forgetting and a future he has  no place in.

Harboring a dark secret, Syd must navigate his way through time, space and lost memories whilst burying a deep heartache as he battles the non-negotiable side effects of the toll required to sustain his journey.

The Dark Road is the story of Syd, a gangster in the roaring 20’s who accidentally stumbles into the nightmare world of the time travel portal known as The Dark Road, where he is forced to travel through time and do the bidding of the Dark Road’s evil Toll Master in order to return back to his own time period to save the woman he loves. During one of his assignments he is transported to a desolate town in the awesome 80’s where he encounters a beautiful and strong Native American policewoman who has connections to the Dark Road herself and a chaotic jilted bride full of cryptic knowledge and veiled threats. Finding himself trapped, the adventure ensues.