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The Curious Case Of The Murder That Wasn’t

The game is afoot! What happens when iconic murder detectives try and solve the same case under one roof?

Murder, mayhem and comedy!

Jessica Fletcher, Mark Sloan and Columbo walk into a wake, there’s no punchline just the most diabolical murder to solve! One which pits them matching wits with non other than the master of deduction – Sherlock Holmes.


We love the genre so much and we feel there is a big missing hole in today’s entertainment that focuses too much on the blood and guts and not enough on good solid story telling. This is our way of putting something out to the world with a classic feel and adding a twist of humor. 

We want to remind people why these properties were so successful!


It’s all about the character, Columbo’s rumpled trench coat, Jessica’s deeply extended family and charming seaside home, Dr. Mark Sloan’s kind-heartedness and extreme attention to detail and who could forget Sherlock’s intelligence and logic!

Drama is great but without REAL character substance audiences cannot connect to these people in the same enduring way.