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Author: Mark Francisco

ROOM 10 at Macomber Inn, Cape May, NJ

Spend a summer night inside room 10 of the Macomber Inn in Cape May, NJ, and you might find yourself rudely awakened by “the trunk lady.” Past guests of room 10 of this inn have reported loud banging on their door in the middle of the night, only to find no one there...

The Clown Motel

Have a clown phobia? If so, then pray that fatigue never gets the best of you during a long haul through Tanopah, Nevada. Succumbing to weary eyes may leave you no choice but to spend a night at The Clown Motel. Dubbed “America’s Scariest Motel”, this clown themed motel located in the Nevada...

New Sea Breeze Motel

Planning an overnight trip to the gaming town of Atlantic City, New Jersey? Well, it’d be highly advised to spend the extra bucks on a stay at one of the high-profile resort casinos. Opting to save some cash at a seedy motel in the outskirts of the casino area might very well land...