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New Sea Breeze Motel

Planning an overnight trip to the gaming town of Atlantic City, New Jersey? Well, it’d be highly advised to spend the extra bucks on a stay at one of the high-profile resort casinos. Opting to save some cash at a seedy motel in the outskirts of the casino area might very well land you a night in a motel room with a dark, horrific past – complimentary included. Take the New Sea Breeze Motel, for example. Rumors indicate several prostitutes were murdered right inside some of its rooms. The killer was never caught. Wife of Tom McParland of AutomatchConsulting.com has even nicknamed the vicinity “Hooker Killer Valley.” So if you still decide to chance one of these “bargain” motels, just know there’s a likelihood you’d be nestling into the same bed where some poor victim, just looking to make a buck, was once asphyxiated by a serial killer “John.”

Photo Credit: Google, Trip Advisor

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